Modern cultivation allows us to obtain crops of the highest standards

Tomatoes in the “Zdunek” farm are grown in accordance with modern indications on inert substrates, using mineral wool. Tomatoes ripen in specialized greenhouses that are equipped with integrated computer systems in order to support production moreover the farm uses modern automatic watering system. Inert substrates allow the maintenance of optimal environmental conditions and help to control the crop-creating factors. The process of photosynthesis is intensified by the use of artificial lighting, which uses new, energy-efficient light sources, especially during winter time.

Biological cultivation is used on the farm in order to obtain the best possible condition for growth and protection of the plant against pests.

Tomatoes are picked by hand, sorting is done using specialized equipment which is responsible for precise preparation of the product for sale. The offer includes tomatoes in 3 sizes and gradual color scale containing 10 shades. Packages are suited to the tomato size: Plum tomatoes are packed in 250g containers and cherry tomatoes in 500g containers.

Weighed tomatoes are carefully packed and placed in storages, from there they hit the market and therefore consumers. The highest standards are maintained during the manufacturing process that is why our tomatoes are of high quality and can be stored for a long time.